Our food

Best choices of starter are Gyoza, Edamame, Beef Tataki, Yakitori & Age Dashi Dofu.

Most Japanese meals are served with a salad. We serve Seaweed, Mix, Seafood, Green, Tofu, Sashimi and Salmon Skin Salads to complement your main dishes.

We provide a wide range of sushi include Sushi Mania, Sushi Nigiri, Sushi Rolls/ Hand Roll, Combi Maki, Sashimi Slammer & Sashimi Temptation.

Tempura is one of the most well-known types of Japanese food. Shrimp tempura is probably most recommended by our chef.

Our customers' selection dishes are Chicken Katsu Curry, King Prawn Curry, Unagi Don & Chicken Katsudon.

We serve fried noodles or soup noodles. The noodles selection are Soba aka buckwheat, Udon thick white & Ramen.

All boxes come with appetizer, salad, rice, miso soup & fruit. Available between: 12pm - 3pm & 5.30pm - 8pm.

We provide traditional Japanese pancake aka Dorayaki and rice cake aka Mochi with different flavours.

We serve all kinds of drinks like Beer, Tea, Coffee, Soft Drink, Champagne, Wine & Sake.